In case I want to grok this in 6 months.

(define (whatdoicallthis lst func)
  ;; Grab pointer to first cons.
  ;; Contents of car will be dropped.
  ;; Contents of cdr will be clobbered. 
  (let ((newlst (list #t))) 
    ;; acc is usually the result of the
    ;; "reduce so far", here it is the
    ;; last pair in newlis. cur is
    ;; current item of consideration
    ;; in the original list. 
    (lfold (lambda (acc cur)
	     ;; func should return a new
	     ;; pair, which gets tacked 
	     ;; onto the end of newlst.
	     (set-cdr! acc (func cur))
	     ;; Have lfold push the new
	     ;; pair into acc next
	     ;; time it loops.
	     (rest acc))
	   newlst ; Accumulator
	   lst) ; list we're deriving from
    (rest newlst))) ; car is trash, see above.

(define (append hd tl)
  (whatdoicallthis hd (lambda (nxt) 
			(cons nxt tl))))

(define (map func lst)
  (whatdoicallthis lst (lambda (nxt) 
			 (list (func nxt)))))

August 1, 2010 - Posted by | Programming, Scheme

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