Phone update.

Their sims aren’t interchangeable. Might be ’cause the old phone was a Cingular, before AT&T bought Cingular. Oh well. If I ever give enough of a shit, I’m sure I could find someone with suitable hardware to unlock it.

On the bright … or totally fucking evil… side, I was bitching last night over txts about the phone’s constantly popping up “The last transaction cost you 0.00” messages with every send/receive, there being no way to get rid of them, and considering getting it unlocked and switching to Verizon or such in the future. Today it seems to have decided of its own accord to nolonger do that.

So either it quits bugging you if the phone’s actually registered with your own name, they’ve quit that annoyance on unlimited accounts, or one of my txts got flagged to be read somewhere.

Just sayin’. All in all, I’m happy enough with it.


July 13, 2009 - Posted by | Life

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