Makes my pants uncomfortable. Register based, tail call optimizing, supports call/cc(!), has the beginnings of JIT compilation… the GC isn’t exactly bleeding edge but at least isn’t one of the stop-the-world sorts (something about 3 color marks and a background thread doing incremental sweeping IIRC), and like the layout algorithms in xmonad it is easy to replace with something better when one comes around. Oh yeah, and threading. Decent looking FFI. The promise of calling libs from other languages in the future (like the way OCaml can talk to any Perl module from CPAN). And it reached 1.0 with a stable API recently. And interestingly there seems to be talks about working along side the LLVM folk…

There’s just a lot of cool shit going on here. Whereas Java/.Net are trying to bolt in the infrastructure to support dynamic languages, Parrot’s designed from the ground up to do this.

Perhaps GC wouldn’t matter much if something like newLISP with its funky one reference only “GC” were ported to it… on that note I should try to compile newLISP to LLVM bytecode.

And Java’s planning (apparently) on supporting TCO and if it already did, so would Clojure (the recur thing just drives me loopy, pun intended), and I probably never would have noticed Parrot.

For that matter, Clojure on Parrot would rock my balls too. And there’s word of Parrot eventually maybe understanding JVM/.Net bytecode… shouldn’t be much of a tweak from there…

You know? A few months ago I found myself wishing I had been born in the 60’s or 70’s, so I could have been around when all of the cool Lisp stuff was happening. I think I’ve changed my mind… this is a fucking awesome time to be here.

And as long as my ParrotVM post has turned into an obscure Lisp post, I should mention Arc. Arc is a Lisp. There, I mentioned it. Now let’s never speak of that again.


April 3, 2009 - Posted by | Programming, Scheme

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