Trent’s experiment a success.

Trent’s experiment was apparently a success, all copies of the limited $300 boxed set were sold out as I thought it would be despite much of the material being available for free (or, as they expected to happen, all of it). As it points out, that’s $750,000.00, basically overnight, not including any of the less expensive options (being broke, I went for the $5 option in Flac).

I can only hope that as time passes more bands realize that the RIAA’s legal tactics and DRM are a waste of everybody’s time as Radiohead and NIN and such have. Audio cassette tape recorders didn’t starve the artists. VCRs didn’t starve the artists. CD burners didn’t starve the artists. DVD burners didn’t starve the artists. The internet isn’t going to, either. Despite what they want you to think, they’re lying. It is, however, going to make brick and mortar music stores obsolete, much as it is doing to public libraries. I mean, why the fuck would you buy a CD which has been purpously ruined by the producers(or for the lazy, this video) when you can get a better copy that actually sounds like the artists wanted it to, for less money, with all the the money actually going to the artists that created it?

Coverage at Techdirt.


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Music

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