It’s official part deux, and a little scheming along the way.

Got my state EMT-B license in the mail to go along with my national license today. Now I can actually start working. Ideally I’d like a part time or full time gig at the agency I did my ride time with, but if need be I can give the local fire dept. or maybe the hospitals or something a try. Re-read the hell out of that pediatrics chapter in the meantime, now I’m just eager to to get to work (and get paid).

And as long as there’s actually some kind of job in my future, I’m using a bit of cash I’ve managed to save to feed my lust for books which has been starved for far too long. Specifically, “The x Schemer” series, as I’ve been wanting to get these for quite some time now.
The Little Schemer for recursion and Scheme in general,
The Seasoned Schemer for functional programming and more details on Scheme,
and The Reasoned Schemer for its blend of functional and logic programming.

Eventually I intend to go through my entire TAoCP set again, this time rewriting all of the examples and problems in Scheme.

Man, I need to get laid.


January 20, 2008 - Posted by | EMT, Life, Scheme

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