Scheme vs. Common Lisp

Poking around online as I do, I happened to come across this choice quote:

Most newcomers eventually (and independently) decide the same thing: Scheme is a better language, but Common Lisp is the right choice for production work. CL has more libraries, and the implementations are somewhat more compatible than Scheme implementations, particularly with respect to macros. ” — http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/04/lisp-is-not-acceptable-lisp.html

It’s disturbing how true that is. That was precisely my conclusion when I was just getting started (which I still am, but anyway…). Any way you look at it, CL reeks of decades of crust, especially if you’ve written a few lines of Scheme. But… how do you open a network socket in scheme? I asked this question in #Scheme on Freenode last night, and this was the reply:

 Prael | Does slib or such have anything for network sockets?
offby1 | Prael: slib won't, but your favorite scheme probably does (and it's sure to be non-portable).

That just doesn’t work for me. Or most anyone else, I figure. I like to write code for specs, or failing that, at least de-facto standards. In Common Lisp the answer’s pretty simple: (asdf:install ‘sockets-package-of-choosing). I’m not even quite sure what a good one would be, both occasions I’ve had to use sockets other than my simple StumpWM config it was simply a matter of (asdf:install ‘cl-irc) and (asdf:install ‘cl-audioscrobbler).

As it stands, Common Lisp is my “get shit done” language and Scheme is my “fun” language.

And yes, I’m aware that the new R6RS Scheme does have things like libraries. But the new standard as a whole failed to do anything other than turn it into an ugly hack chock full of arbitrarily bolted on shit that completely violates the spirit of Scheme and would only have justification to exist if Common Lisp wasn’t around, and I have no intention of ever using it. Even those that bothered to comment their approval votes often contain phrases such as “compromise” and “good enough” and “not perfect, but…”. I’m sorry but if that’s what I wanted, I already have Common Lisp. I’ll stick to R5RS, thank you.


January 13, 2008 - Posted by | Common Lisp, Scheme

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