The coin’s flipped. Expect to land in a couple days.

I havn’t a damn clue if I passed, and I won’t for at least a couple days.

I did all the read & signin stuff, and was told to come back in 20 minutes. The test took that damn long to load. And when it finally finished? I clicked through the usual instructions explaining such vastly complicated concepts such as how to click “next”, the last of which produced nothing but the iconic hourglass pointer. For another 5-10 minutes. Then it finally loaded the first question.

The exam kept asking a bunch of children-related questions, which likely means I was totally bombing in that area. Poor kids. And a *lot* of the questions were of the two or three of these are damn well technically correct but pick the “best” one and hell no you can’t get more detail sort. I hate that, so much. And all of the questions were situational. It would have been nice if the workbook we had was in this format, but it was more concerned with definitions and acronyms and order of steps and etc…, which the exam asked precisely zero of (if it had, I’d already know I passed).

But then again, a lot of the questions did seem fairly obvious as well, and quite a few seemed likely to be considered “difficult” (that test throws some really weird shit at you) which is supposed to happen when you’re answering correctly… so I don’t know. I’ll find out in a couple days and if I need to retest, so be it. At least I’ll know what’s coming and can adjust my study accordingly.

But for now, other than rereading the hell out of that pediatric chapter, I’m giving it a break before I get stressed out. I think I’ll write a CL package for MusicPD access or something.


January 10, 2008 - Posted by | EMT

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