Google loves me.

So it’s 3AM, I’m sitting here poking through cl-irc’s sources, and I come across an eliza bot amongst the examples. Nifty.
While playing around with it (I wonder if I could make it a bit more flexible by reimplementing it using cl-ppcre?) I got to thinking, I wonder if there’s a Last.FM group for StumpWM users? So I hit Google and type in “last.fm stumpwm” and what do I see? My previous (LJ) blog about cl-audioscrobbler is the 4th result LOL.

And now at 5:35AM, it has moved down to 5th place, replaced by this post about it being 4th… LOL.

And as of Jan 6th, this is now the top result for both “stumpwm audioscrobbler” and “stumpwm last.fm”.
Probably a good time to mention that I’ve started the group.


January 4, 2008 - Posted by | Meta, web

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